A valuation of your business is a strategically sound maneuver if you want to understand how to increase your company’s value or just want to know where you stand. However, most valuations look backward at revenue, growth, profits, etc. That can tell you where the company has been, but it’s not as useful to an owner, successor, or buyer who wants to know where a company is going and if it creating or destroying value.

Strategic Equity Advisors has a dedicated valuation team that will take a forward look at your company. Where is the growth going to come from? What are the future risks and how can they be mitigated? How does the type of buyer, timing, deal structure, and terms influence value? How much will you personally receive after taxes and expenses? Our professionals use the valuation process as a tool to help you make decisions on how to increase your company’s value, timing, and to ensure your business can be monetized at full value when you are ready.