Parental Guidance

Being in business with a partner presents its own unique set of challenges; when that partner is family, however, the dynamics and complexities increase considerably.  My father was in business with his older brother for more than 30 years.… Continue reading →

These were thrilling times for my family! My father was about to consummate the purchase of a business and my mom was looking forward to a quality of life change; to say they had high hopes for their future would… Continue reading →

A business owner can expect to sell their company once, possibly twice, in their lives. As with most things done infrequently, it is hard to be successful and upwards of 75 percent of business owners who sell have ‘seller’s remorse.’… Continue reading →

Takeaway: Business owners: prepare for the single largest financial transaction in your lifetime.

The succession or exit by a business owner is usually the single largest financial transaction in their lifetime with a lot at risk as typically a majority… Continue reading →