About Strategic Equity Advisors

Strategic Equity Advisors LLP is a boutique value growth advisory firm empowering closely-held business owners, like you, to act strategically regarding your illiquid private company investment. We specialize in  enhancing the transferable value of your business and delivering you an informed, systematic, and financially rewarding exit, on your terms.



Empowering You

  • Our experience and market knowledge empower you to think and act strategically regarding your illiquid private company investment.
  • Our subject matter expertise and holistic approach enable you to convert your wide range of goals revolving around your ownership into achievable results.
  • We are your advocate. Our business model inherently forms an alignment with your interest and goals.


Maximizing and Protecting Your Underlying Company’s Value

  • Designing and formalizing a contingency plan for both the management and ownership of your company to ensure value is retained.
  • Maximizing and protecting the transferable value of your company by assessing and implementing relevant and impactful value enhancements from a buyer’s perspective.
  • Optimizing your company’s business model to increase transferable value and to mitigate transition risks.


Eliminating, Minimizing, and or Deferring Your Taxes

  • Developing and implementing personal, business, and estate tax strategies and tactics to capture and retain the greatest wealth from your company.
  • Creating a transactional tax strategy to maximize your net proceeds upon conversion.


Maximizing what the Market is Willing to Pay You (for owners that have selected a non-family transfer)

  • Preparing you and your company to attain a constant state of readiness and agility to maximize the wealth conversion when the timing is right.
  • Incorporating value factors that strategic buyers are seeking into overall strategy.
  • Implementing strategic and tactical plans to identify and attract the most ideal and serious buyers.
  • Selecting the optimal marketing and sales strategy to maximize leverage and control over the selling process.